New 美脚スリムボディ







Authentic Reflexology course born from a foot urn specialty store

5 points

  • Procedure for improvement of constitution
  • Techniques that do not rely on force
  • Mind Relaxation
  • Easy to learn with one-on-one feeling
  • Fulfilling Spiritual Course

Reflexology of T · R · S

Reflexology is a full-blown alternative therapy that stimulates the reflex of the sole of the feet, works on the organs, organs, muscles of the whole body and arranges the balance of the body from the inside.

Reflexology of T · R · S stimulates firmly from the sole of the foot to the calves and knees, stimulates the waste matter accumulated on the sole of the foot and at the same time increases the pumping action of the calves and by flowing lymph nodes on the back of the knee It improves the flow inside the body and activates the inner circulation function.

It can be expected high detoxification effect, is recognized worldwide as reflection zone therapy to improve constitution and natural healing power.

Moreover, it is said that lower body is less susceptible to mental influences (stress etc.) than upper body, and by applying lower extremity with reflexology, effects such as "Relaxation of the mind" "Stability of the mind and body" "Stress relaxation" You can expect.

Tokyo Reflexology school development school Kazunori Sato

At the Tokyo Reflexology Logistics School,
We are working on the motto " to have fun for the people coming and joy for the people who will return ."

It tailored to the constitution and symptoms of each person

"Construction of constitution improvement" has been supported by many people as "healing technique".

As a reflexologist, in order to contribute to society admirably,
While studying thoroughly and happily,

It is our desire to acquire "the procedure of constitution improvement".

I would be pleased if you could tell everything to everyone through classes so that we can provide healing with good faith.

Tokyo Reflexology School Development School
Komori Sato


Carrier oil · aromatic oil

In T · R · S we are pleased by everybody's body and we use natural oils and aroma oils used in reflexology courses to receive treatment for peace of mind.

Now that the term "transdermal poison " has come to an end , "I want to use something that comes into contact with the body, I would like to use something that is firm" by the wishes of all the lecturers.

When natural oil is used, "the body is easy to relax", "natural healing power is easy to rise", so the effect of the treatment can be realized even more.